Sunday, 21 August 2011

Welcome to my Blog !!!

Hello to all the readers and welcome to my blog. My name is Yogesh N Bang and I am from Karnataka. I did my PGP in Finance and worked a couple of years as Equity Research Analyst. I intend to share my thoughts on Indian Equities through this blog and come up with companies with sound business models and investing opportunities. I hope this effort of mine does create a difference in your investing world.

Most of my learning has been inspired by many value investors, reading blogs and books on investing, though I haven’t read a lot of books but try to catch it in between. It’s been around 2 years I started investing in markets from my own money and it has been a good learning experience for me. Initially I was more into speculative mode of investing, trying to play more of intraday stuff and that has cost me lot. I have realized that I need to invest smartly and not play like a fool. I am also improving my research skills and I hope this blog will help me understand my growth as an Analyst and as Investor.

I would like to dedicate this blog firstly to my "PARENTS" for their love and support and to my "SIR" who has introduced me to this field of Equity Research and held my hand and helped me walk every step on this journey.  It has always been a pleasure to learn from him and I hope I can make my Sir and my Parents very proud one day.

I believe your feedback and suggestion on various topics discussed will make me and all the readers take better and smart investment decisions and make this blog a useful resource for everyone of us.

Thanks a lot for dropping by.

Yogesh N Bang

No content on this blog should be construed to be investment advice. You should consult a qualified financial advisor before making any real investment or trading decisions. All information is a point of view, and is for educational and informational use only. This Blog is a personal diary and the stocks discussed on the blog represent my personal views and analysis. They are not recommendations to buy or sell stocks and I may or may not be holding the stocks discussed in this blog. In short I am not responsible for the losses or gains made based on the information published on this Blog.


Neeraj Marathe said...

Welcome to Blogisthan Yogesh.. looking fwd to ur posts.. Hope u will write just as well as u think! :-)

Priyanka Pandey said...

Well written..Keep this work up..:)

Yogesh N Bang said...

Thank you so much ....